Budget Friendly Solutions for Overcoming Storage Challenge in Small Spaces

Storing all the things you need in a small space is quite challenging. Even if you have managed to fit in everything, to build innovative storage solutions on a budget is even more challenging.

We at home decors understand your problems and here are our top 4 storage solutions perfectly backed with budget friendly collection.


Go vertical  



Vertical makes a great nightstand in a tiny bedroom. Its footprint is basically a few inches wide and deep, but it packs in multiple shelves for all kinds of storage. Place one in a corner, and you’ll really be utilizing your room’s vertical space.



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Get Organized with Large Baskets



One of our favourite home storage solutions is utilizing baskets. Large baskets are easy organization tools, as they can be moved around to where you need them most and you can easily stash things in them to keep your home looking sleek. Baskets can also help make use of the “dead space” underneath raised furniture, like a bench, platform bed, or sofa, adding extra storage while minimizing clutter. And you can also utilize the wall space above the furniture for added organization or decor


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Zone your Room with Shelves




For those in smaller apartments, where storage tends to be minimal and you don’t have the benefit of as much wall space, using a room divider with shelves works great. Not only does this help add more distinct zones to your space, but by opting a shelf, you are adding surface space for books, decor, baskets, and more.

If a room divider isn’t quite your style, a great alternative would be open-back bookcases floating in the middle of the room, which can    still help create some distinct zones  within a space.




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The Passing Space



Do you have a wide hallway, a pass-through or alcove space that you aren’t sure what to do with? Make the most of this “dead space” by lining the wall with useful pieces. This is a great place for a console with drawers, giving you both hidden storage and surface space for decor and organization. It’s perfect for a concealed shoe rack.




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