The Quarantine Dips


Have you always wanted the perfectly chiselled body, you are person who is just a beginner or into a regular routine and still wondering how to get that perfect muscle tonality? Well the answer to that is very simple, it is all about “DIPS”   essential  

Dips exercises use your own bodyweight to work your shoulders, triceps and chest areas. This movement builds muscle and strength in the core and upper body while improving your overall conditioning. Before we explore in depth just a quick note to consider

Consistency is key: Any form of workout will only give results when done regularly and over a period of time. So be consistent.

Progress Slowly: start with how much you can and increase the reps gradually

Food: A simple and a universal rule is to increase proteins and reduce carbs, Don’t get into fancy diets and supplements. Start your workout and your body will tell you what it needs.

Rest: Ensure proper sleep as your body needs to rest in order to recover. Increase the frequency gradually for example: workout alternate days and then shift to a daily routine

Posture, Forms & Shapes: keeping the right postures, balance forms and body shapes is essential. This will not only activate the right muscles and help you shape up but also avoid unintended injuries. Using apparatus can help you achieve this easily click here to buy yours now.

Consult your Doctor: If you have any kind of health ailments or if you are under medication it is always good to consult a doctor before you begin to workout.

Dips come in many different variations, and the style you use influences the muscle groups worked. The most common dip exercise is the triceps dip, which uses two bars not much wider than the hips. You grip the bars with your arms positioned straight by your hips and then bend your arms to lower your body and push to raise it.

The triceps dip engages the triceps muscles, but it also works the shoulders and requires strength from the core, grip and arm muscles to complete the motion. Leaning into the dip more turns the exercise into a chest dip that increases biceps and pectoral muscle use. It still works the triceps, and the motion works as a hybrid bench press and dip exercise. Both of the latter options use your own bodyweight and require a significant amount of strength to perform. Building your muscles with lower-weight exercises first will help lead into the dips.

You can do this by performing dips on a lowered set of bars 



Dips are not a go-to exercise for calorie burn — but like any movement, they can benefit by adding to the burn of your overall workout session. The big benefit associated with dips is muscle definition and tone. The increased strength in the triceps, chest and general upper body area deliver bigger muscles and more definition.

The core is also heavily involved, and you may experience increased strength in your abdomen. A standard dip focuses on the arms to support the movement, but the core is inevitably required to flex for stability. The result is a stronger core that will experience some calorie burn and increased overall strength.

 Key benefits

Building Upper-body  

If you are a beginner, doing more and more dips will be more than enough. In a short period of time you will realize that as the number of reps increase your back, shoulders, upper chest and triceps is also getting stronger and firmer.


Strengthening the Elbow Joint

Dips are a great way of strengthening the elbow and joints as well.   


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